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About company

BIZZILION PTY LTD is the largest media agency that acts as an intermediary in transactions related to the transfer of rights to stream-broadcasts as well as the broadcast of TV-programs, sports events and the distribution of advertising content. We assist in the process of buying rights to broadcast a number of events and promotional packages for international and domestic advertising agencies of various countries, including eGames and stream sites.

The main principle of the Bizzilion is the effective distribution of profits. Our marketing and brand promotion expenses are minimized since our company has become well-established already. Thus, using our services customers pay only their actual value, without extra charges. The company guarantees full compliance of all services with the highest standards of this industry.

BIZZILION PTY LTD takes care of the safety of depositors' funds. All your investments are securely protected by the company's internal insurance fund. Thus, regardless of fluctuations in the exchange rate and the speed of resale of broadcasting rights, the profit from your deposits will be paid in the declared amount and in a timely manner. We highly value your trust, and therefore take all the risks on ourselves.

Investing funds is not the only way to generate revenue on our platform. To popularize Bizzilion we have developed a profitable referral program. Our partners can also get additional passive income attracting new investors to the company. For each deposit of users registered via your unique referral link a bonus will be charged to your balance in your personal account.

Road Map Bizzilion

Opening of Bizzilion, the first sales of sub-licenses to watch sports events.
Creation of media holding Bizzilion International LTD. Expansion of activities.
Media holding Bizzilion International LTD became a member of the international association IMDA (International Media Development Association)
Bizzilion AD LTD was established. Activity: video service application development. Bizzilion International LTD obtained the license of a satellite provider for BizziTV.
Consolidation of all media assets in the United Bizzilion Co corporation. BClearCinema production was created, specializing in resale of rights and distribution of film-series television content.
A regional network of television broadcasts was created. Obtaining rights to sublicense the broadcasts of the European Football Championship EURO 2012
Launch of the BizzilionMediaMaster project, the BizzMedia increase of sales and start of testing of the geostationary communication satellite based on Eurostar 3000.
Signing an agreement for the exclusive distribution of the streaming service eSportsTV content. Launch of a mass OTT product.
Contract for the sub-licensing of broadcasting rights for the UEFA EURO 2016 and the World Cup 2018 in Russia. Creation of a non-commercial TV-production SocialLive.
Creation of the content partner Clear Vision LTD. Presentation of the first service application of interactive digital broadcasts from Bizzilion.
Bizzilion LiveMedia Holding integration. Obtaining a contract for the sub-licensing of rights to broadcast the World Cup 2014 in Brazil.
Creation of the multiplatform Bizzilion.com. Opening of the first investment round and presentation of the first investment packages.
Creation of BizzilionMedia media multiplatform with enhanced functionality: from purchase and sale to blocking of illegal content for the end user.
Creation of "Bizzilion Digital Sales", a completely digital sales house based on blockchain technology.
Development and production crypto currency tokens BizzCoin.
Creation of decentralized exchange of Internet advertising.

Our directions

Sublicensing is resale of rights to broadcast by one company that bought them before to another one. It was at the expense of such transactions in the middle of the last century that sport events entered the category of medium-sized business. For example, in 1948, the BBC acquired the rights to broadcast the Olympic Games in London for $ 3 000. More recently, Sky Sports and BT Sports have signed a € 5 billion contract with BBC to broadcast the Premier League.

TV broadcast syndication is the simultaneous sale of broadcast rights to several channels at once. Satellite and cable TV is the main field for television advertising. For example, in the last quarter of 2017 CBS revenue for broadcast of advertising made $ 3.26 billion. Interestingly, a significant portion of revenue for this type of corporations is due to TV syndication.

The industry of online broadcasts in real time as well as popular game replays is constantly evolving. Today it is spread not only in gaming but also in a variety of areas. Back in 2012 Amazon invested more than $ 970 000 in the development of this business. Curiously, according to the data provided by Newzoo, this year the profit of eSports will be around $ 700 million.

Official registration

BIZZILION PTY LTD received official registration in two countries - Ireland and Australia. We are a legal entity and we work strictly adhering to the provisions of the legislation of these states as well as to international legal norms relating to this type of activity. To get familiar with the BIZZILION PTY LTD registration documentation please click on the links below.

Ireland Registration L.P. No. 2465

Australia registration 627 750 583

UK registration 11810835

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