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Bounty: bonus for a video review

New task has appeared in our Bounty program
We are glad to inform you that a new task has appeared in our Bounty program, the fulfillment of which will bring you additional income. Make a small video review of Bizzilion and get a nice financial bonus.
How to get a bonus for a video review?
- Create a short informative video about Bizzilion
- Post a video on YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook or Youku
- Indicate your referral link in the video description.
- Fill out a special application form on our website in the Bounty section
If the task is performed correctly, the bonus will be accrued to the balance in your account immediately after checking the application. Spare just a few minutes to fulfil our new task and get your bonus. Be creative and we'll duly appreciate your efforts!

Dogecoin has been added

From now on operations in Dogecoin become available
Improving itself, Bizzilion informs all partners about the addition of a Dogecoin. From now on operations on investment and withdrawal of funds in this cryptocurrency become available on our platform. Take advantage of the new opportunity right now.
Now every owner of digital assets in Dogecoin can profitably invest their funds in just a few minutes. Even more savings will now work for you. Please note that the company keeps working on expanding the list of available cryptocurrencies. Write in the comments the news about adding which cryptocurrency you would like to see next. Share your opinion!

Litecoin has been added

The company notifies all users about adding Litecoin to the Bizzilion platform.
From now on you can create deposits and withdraw funds using one of the most popular electronic coins. Distribute your cryptocurrency assets on the platform in any proportions that are convenient for you without additional exchange transactions.
Expanding the list of available cryptocurrencies provides our partners with the ability to quickly invest and maximize their return on investment. Striving for more we continue to upgrade our platform. To know about all our news and current events, follow our updates.

Improved Bizzilion Plans - Your Quick Money

Bizzilion shortens the term of deposits for each of the plans.
Modernizing our platform, Bizzilion shortens the term of deposits for each of the plans. Our innovations will allow you to make your investments as efficient as possible and to easily find a convenient income-generating scheme. Now your deposits work even faster:

1. Sports Broadcasts - 100 calendar days instead of 144, daily profit now is up to 2.10% of the deposit amount and total profit will be 210%.
2. TV & Movies Broadcasts - 70 business days instead of 85, the final profit now is up to 239% of the deposit amount.
3. Game Streaming Broadcasts - 155 calendar days instead of 175, the final profit now is up to 1020% of the deposit amount.

We draw your attention to the fact that the plans of the previous generation in 10 days will no longer be available for investment. Payments on deposits сreated using the old plans will be made under the same conditions until the deposit is closed.

Today the company is gaining rapid popularity, and the number of investments is constantly increasing. All withdrawal requests are processed manually in turn, which increases the processing time. To accelerate the payment of funds, we've increased the minimum withdrawal amount to 0.0002 BTC.

Increase your capital even faster with Bizzilion!

Instagram-Bounty: a new bounty task

For active Instagram users a new interesting task within the Bounty program has appeared.
Find just a few minutes to complete it and a pleasant financial bonus will soon be accrued to your balance in your Bizzilion account.
What do you have to do? Make a story with a review of Bizzilion and add it to your “Highlights”. To get a guaranteed bonus strictly follow all the conditions mentioned at the link: https://bizzilion.com/?a=cust&page=bounty#instagram
Bizzilion wishes you easy income!

Representatives page has been added

Bizzilion provides an opportunity to receive even greater income for the promotion of the company.
We are glad to inform you that Representatives page has been added to our platform. The new section of the site contains the contacts of the most active partners who earn on the referral program. To make your data appear on the Representatives page you need to submit an application and wait for its approval.
Now potential partners will find you themselves and you'll be able to register even more users via your referral link. And more than this: regional representatives of Bizzilion who have deposited $ 1,000 or more will receive increased bonus from each investment of invited users.
Bizzilion - daily growing prospects!

Ethereum has been added

The third most popular coin in the world Ethereum is now available on the Bizzilion platform
From now on you can make investments using one of the most demanded cryptocurrencies.
This innovation is also aimed at providing each investor with the opportunity to distribute personal funds on the platform in any convenient proportions. Now you can not only multiply your funds, but also, analyzing the cryptocurrency market, protect yourself from the course volatility. Continuous development and self-improvement, which is the rule of any successful company, is the main credo of Bizzilion.

Increased referral bonus

Increased referral bonus from Bizzilion for users having deposits of 0.3 BTC and over
The company appreciates productive work and always rewards special efforts. For our most active partners, earning on investments and referral program at the same time, we've added a special bonus. By properly balancing your work you can significantly increase your income.
Each partner, whose active deposits in total amount to 0.3 BTC and more, will automatically receive a representative referral bonus. Thus, your bonus for 1st level referrals will be increased by 4%. Please note that when you have the amount mentioned, the increased bonus is accrued without a prior submitted application and approving you as a representative. Take advantage of the new available option!
The representative bonuses for each plan
Sports Broadcasts: 16% -3% -1%
TV & Movies Broadcasts: 18% -3% -1%
Game Streaming Broadcasts: 20% -3% -1%

Easy money on Bounty program from Bizzilion

Bizzilion offers you to get additional income without investment
Bizzilion offers you to get additional income without investment. Especially for partners who promote our company we've created a unique Bounty program. Fulfil extremely simple actions in social networks, and a worthy financial bonus will be accrued to your balance.
Three steps to the goal, or how to make money on the Bounty program
Have an active account on Bizzilion website
Be a subscriber of the company's official pages in social networks
Fulfil targeted actions, observing the conditions of the program indicated at the link: https://bizzilion.com/?a=cust&page=bounty
It’s guaranteed that the money you earned will be accrued to your balance within 7 working days.

Program updated

New design of the Bizzilion website - most comfortable working conditions
We are glad to inform you that the Bizzilion creative team has completed work on a new website design. Convenient interface, pleasant colors, thoughtful presentation of information as well as the most modern design solutions contribute to pleasant and efficient work on our platform.
According to research by leading business psychologists the conditions that surround a person directly affect the result. For example, an employee who works in a modern and convenient office is more productive, motivated and inclined to show imagination and non-standard approach in solving the tasks set for him.
That is why we attach great importance to the visual characteristics of our platform and its comfort. Updates for the site were created in accordance with the latest trends in the world of web design and the wishes of our users.
Bizzilion - every detail is important for us!
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